There are places where those who have been awakened into a state outside of reality are able to congregate in relative safety. These places have come to be known as Sanctuary, the safe havens where those “othered” by the world can gather and be free of fear, if only for a little while.

The reasons for this safety are simple: Nothing that has a full grasp to Reality may pass beyond the borders into Sanctuary spaces, but those for whom their Tether is weakened find this barrier nothing more than a momentary discomfort.

Being in a part of Sanctuary protects you from the very real threats of the modern world, but sometimes things from outside reality manage to slip through to the close borders. On those occasions, living in a part of Sanctuary can be a thankless job, when those creatures from beyond are stopped from breaching into Reality by those whom Reality has shunned.

Spaces within Sanctuary tend to be a mishmash of environment, where the newer folks tend to dwell in temporary structures, while more established residents may have scavenged enough materials from within the Sanctuary spaces or nearby segments of Reality to have built elaborate – if rough – buildings, homes, and structures.

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