Tether is exactly that, the force that is your Tether to Reality. This force is both a lifesaver and a conduit to your Archetypal heritage, pulling you simultaneously in two directions.

Each character begins play with a maximum potential for their Tether.  Tether can be lost or expended in a variety of ways:

  • If a Remnant suffers wounds that would cause them to “die”, their supernatural side bucks against Reality in order to bring them back to life. By pushing back against Reality in such a grand fashion, they lose some of their Tether
  • A Remnant can expend some of their Tether boost their own powers, accomplishing feats of legend


Losing your last Tether to Reality will result in catastrophic consequences. You may find yourself expelled from Reality, lost Beyond. You may suffer a lasting and permanent death, or you may become lost to your Archetypal nature, little more than bestial ferocity, or you may suffer other fates, worse and unnamed.

Some Remnants have learned to draw deeper in their supernatural heritages, forsaking some of their ties to Reality, weakening the strength of their permanent Tether potential for the sake of tangible benefits gained from their Archetype.

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