Since Remnants are assimilated into human society from the time of their birth onward, they grow up unaware of their mystical nature. Manifestation is the moment in which a Remnant’s truer nature is revealed to them.

All Manifestations carry a common thread, as the Remnant feels an unseen entity communicating with them. The experience is akin to that of their inner voice, but distinct enough where the Remnant realizes the ‘thoughts’ are not their own. The message is the same for those who belong to the same Archetype, and has become one of the ways to identify which Covenant a Remnant has an affinity towards.


Manifesting and Identity

Remnant scholars have discovered that in some cases, the changes from Manifesting go beyond bringing forth the individual’s supernatural aspect. There have been reported situations where a Remnant’s physical body changed to match the gender that they identified with. Further, Remnants who were on hormone replacement therapy prior to their Manifestation have found that they no longer need such treatments.  No one understands why or how this occurs, though some theorize that it is due to the Manifestation process bringing a Remnant’s truer self to the surface.


Individual Experience

For some this process is calm, like realizing a part of yourself that you have been unable to find words to express. For others, the shift is traumatic both in the change of paradigm and physical transformations that occur.


The Beyond

The Beyond likely have one of the most drastic Manifestations, as they experience death during the process. Some go into spontaneous cardiac arrest, while others Manifest within a lethal situation, such as drowning or being wounded. Most physical injuries heal during the manifestation process. Those who don’t are typically tied to the Remnant’s perceived identity. Some from The Beyond who succumb to cancer before Manifesting return to their pre-illness appearance while others do not. Those from The Beyond who died from depression or other mental illnesses occasionally bear the scars from their final moments.

(Write-ups for Shifters, Mysteries, and Prodigies forthcoming)



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