The Archetypes are how a break in Reality manifests within a Remnant. However, each of the Remnants also experiences another internal pull on their psyche. Callings function as much as an individual’s role in society as much as they do to define that person’s capabilities. There are four main Callings that can be found among the Remnants:



Brawlers are within the Remnants a vastly spread concept. They are everything from the savage Shifter manifesting bestial claws and raking into their opponent to a Prodigy with a pole-arm keeping safe the gates to a Sanctuary. They are the masters of forward-facing martial prowess, and tend to wrap themselves in a balance of defense and offense to protect those weaker than them, or to stand toe-to-toe with enemy forces and bring down their opponent in a flash of metal.




Stalkers are the masters of stealth, secrecy, and havoc. Less comfortable in a straight-up fight than a Brawler, they often find themselves favoring smaller, faster weapons and strikes from shadows. They are the ones who slip inside the enemy lines and slit the throats of the commanders in the back ranks, the poisoners and the pickpockets.




With the concept of Reality frayed, the world’s belief in Magic has fueled a resurgence in the arcane arts. Adepts are those who find their Calling experimenting with the eldritch forces kept at bay by Reality’s walls. They can be a devastating force at their highest potential, able to reshape the world in elemental fury and might – or to restore an ally near the brink of Ruin. There are rumors of other, darker knowledge that exist, hidden in places where magic is seeped into the lore of the place.



In the twilight of Science as the world rallies against the supernatural threat of the Remnants, the key investment of Humanity’s belief, Technology, begins to reject those whose Tether has begun to fray. Technology as a whole has begun to lose ground, instead of gain, and it is the work of many to try and gain ground with it. The calling of a Technologist is one of few that can begin even before an Archetype manifests, as those who delve into the Science of the New Laws of Technology begin to understand its inner workings. The Technologist in a battle may seem unassuming, until you find yourself staring down the business end of a well-maintained – and worse yet – working rifle.


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