Remnants and Archetypes

According to legend, Humanity made pacts with various supernatural forces in order to be able to create and shape Reality.  Seven individuals offered themselves up as the binding force for those Covenants.  Thus the agreements between Myth and Humanity were forged in bone, blood, and spirit.

The Covenants included a condition that should Humanity falter,  the forces we pacted with would choose individuals to be their champions and fix mankind’s failings. Those chosen few became known as Remnants of the Covenant (or simply “Remnants”).

Each Remnant holds a latent tie to the near-human beasts of legend whose stories persist into the modern world.  Many of them hold to an archetypal presentation as some sort of “supernatural” creature. However, based on the varied nature of the legends, they can have incredibly different manifestation of the identifying traits.



As a Remnant of the Covenant,  you are the spiritual descendant of one of the seven who bound the Covenants of Mankind.  You inherit both the blessings and burden of that pact.  Remnant of a specific Covenant follow a specific supernatural Archetype.

Here are four of the Archetypes that are available for player-characters.

The Shifters

“Thus do we bind to the Covenant of the Beast. The shape of our world and out place subjugated all others beneath us, and Man becomes dominant.”

The Shifters are what one would assume when you conjure an image of the werewolf, though the Shifter is not innately limited to simply wolves. They can be thought of as humankind’s collusion with the natural world, a combining of the Beast within the human shape, and manifesting through that. Shifters tend towards more of a marriage between their animalistic side, and so their predilections lean towards ease at being a Brawler, finding early advantages in doing so.


The Beyond

“Thus do we bind to the Covenant of Death. All things must come to end, that others may rise stronger in their wake.”

The concept of the undead is not new to the world. For as long as Reality has held cities, it has held stories of these beings that come back from the dead.  Those who are counted among The Beyond physically die as part of their transcendence from human to supernatural. Some believe that their souls temporarily reach the Great Beyond, hence the name for this Archetype.  For reasons still to be determined, those of The Beyond are physically weak during the daytime and grow in strength as the sun sets.  They have a tendency towards the shadows, and as such their innate safe harbor in the dark places gives them a nudge towards the Calling of a Stalker.


The Mysteries

“Thus do we bind to the Covenant of Growth. The wonders of the world laid bare to Man’s glory, may we grow in excellence.”

The Mysteries are as the Fair Folk of the old stories, the graceful Sidhe sorcerers and mystics. Their more elfin features are slender, and while the grace given them by this birthright may lead a particular Faerie towards more martial prowess, their heritage is steeped in the magical arts, and drawing upon that, they find an early strength as Adepts.


The Prodigies

“Last, do we bind to the Covenant of Man. May all the force of this new Reality serve to the example of Man’s dominion.”

Occasionally, Reality plays the cruelest joke of all, and rejects an otherwise ordinary human. These individuals tend to find they may have a disadvantage when it comes to life in the fringes of Reality, but their Tether to Reality tends to run stronger than those who discover a latent heritage, and the bastion of Reality, Technology, tends to run in their favor. All Prodigies tend to have at least some luck in getting Technology to still respond to them, and many find themselves pulled in the routes of the Technologist, those who can convince a piece of Reality to function beyond the places where Reality can reach.

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