The Covenants of Mankind

Our ancestors made covenants with various supernatural forces in order to gain the power to shape the world to our wishes. Whenever humanity didn’t meet it’s side of the deal, the Reality that we created would start to break. To mitigate this, the forces we pacted with would choose individuals to be their champions and fix mankind’s failings. Those chosen few became known as Remnants of the Covenant (or simply “Remnants”).

The calling carries a heavy price – as those who become Remnants slowly lose their tether to Reality and transform into creatures of myth, superstition, and legend. In a world that has grown dependent on science, logic and the belief that “monsters don’t exist”, such beings are exiled at best and actively hunted at worst.

The following are translations from the seven covenants that were made:

“Thus do we bind to the first Covenant, the force of Time. The beginning, the force onward which drives all towards their end.”

“Thus do we bind to the Covenant of the Light. May it guide us and illuminate our path to greatness.”

“Thus do we bind to the Covenant of the Dark. May those who oppose us be lost to obscurity and hidden from grace.”

“Thus do we bind to the Covenant of Growth. The wonders of the world laid bare to Man’s glory, may we grow in excellence.”

“Thus do we bind to the Covenant of the Beast. The shape of our world and our place subjugated all others beneath us, and Man becomes dominant.”

“Thus do we bind to the Covenant of Death. All things must come to end, that others may rise stronger in their wake.”

“Last, do we bind to the Covenant of Man. May all the force of this new Reality serve to the example of Man’s dominion.”

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