(Combat Track Introduction)
Some odd sounds have been reported from just beyond the Sanctuary space. This, and other troubling signs may mean that something is closing in and wandering around just outside Reality.

A small group of Malformed are running around the outside city, causing trouble and stirring up attention. They need to be hunted and taken down before they either bring the Keepers down upon us, or find a seam where Reality breaks. Who knows what will happen should they make their way into the Sidereal.

Lastly, the Keeper that was encountered at the Bazaar has reportedly begun pursuit of those involved in the mass-Manifestation, whose absence from normal life has been noticed. The Keeper is a problem that will need to be solved, and soon.

(Social Track Introduction)

The Sanctuary’s food crisis has been solved for now, thanks to the sacrifices made and the bargain cut, as well as a pair of Adepts who bent their magic towards helping to prepare an additional growing space.

The team that handled the nearby group of Subjugated Remnants was able to give the Sanctuary some much needed breathing space from outside threats. The scavenging team was successful in finding resources in the outlying area, and were able to bring back some wood, cinder blocks, a couple of bags of concrete, and rebar. What should these materials be used for? The Sanctuary currently hosts a storage room, a communal sleeping tent, a medical room, and a small meeting space. What should be built next?

A Racoon Shifter has been getting into trouble with the locals due to mischief that they’ve been acting, most notable of late was getting into a grimore and shredding the notes for a ritual. How is this to be handled, as the Sanctuary has not had to deal with issues of crime and punishment before.

Lastly, the Sanctuary’s doctor, Sawbones, would like to discuss a matter with a few of the “breathers”.

Alpha Test #1 was a success. Join us for Alpha Test # 2

During this play-test, we will be:

  • Exploring mechanics for higher level characters
    We will be building out the stats for intermediate level characters (Base stats, Archetype bonuses, etc.)


  • Testing the mechanics for 5 Professions
    • Researcher: Delves into the history of the Remnants, finds more information to shape the narrative
    • Maker: Basic field repairs, can make base gear with no improvements
    • Medic: Basic treatments, increases Resolve recovery time
    • Artist: Allows for recovery of Focus with reflection on artistic creations
    • Cook: Allows for a myriad of benefits based on food and drink served


  • Introducing the fifth Calling: Havenfolk
    Havenfolk are the backbone, heart, and soul of any Sanctuary. As such, they have access to two Profession slots, where other Callings only have access to one. There will also be Professions that are only accessible to Havenfolk, as these individuals have the time & energy to dedicate to their craft.


For this play-test, you will need to choose one of two tracks in which you will portray your personal character:

  • Social Track: Puzzles, Politics, & Lore Exploration
  • Combat Track: Combat, Tactics, & Resource Management

Those who want to portray their personal character in the Social Track will be asked to portray a non-agency character* in the Combat Track. Likewise, those want to portray their personal character in the Combat Track will be asked to portray a non-agency character in the Social Track. If you are not able to participate in combat simulations (physical or mental wellness, for example), let us know in the registration form and we will accommodate your needs.

We reserved the island at Keller Regional Park (shelter #1).  Suggested donation is $5.  We will not turn you away if you are unable to donate. We welcome those who are willing and able to contribute more, but we also want to make this event financially accessible.

Funds will be used to cover the following expenses:

  • Site rental (renting the park island cost us $100)
  • Props & incidentals (snacks, water, etc.)
  • Commissioning character concept art (we don’t believe in paying with “exposure”)
  • Paying for a photographer to take photos of the event (again, we don’t believe in paying with “exposure”)


* Non-Agency Character: this is a character where you are given directions by the Guides (people running the game) on motivation, goals, and actions, rather than you choosing for the character. Credit to Michael Pucci / Utopia Descending for this term.


  • Alpha Play-Test # 2
    September 2, 2017
    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm



2167 Maplewood Dr, Maplewood, Minnesota, 55109

The island (Shelter #1) is across the service bridge near the parking lot. Handicap accessible toilets are on-site (by the parking lot). The park has a shelter with electricity (for crock pots and such) and 2 grills. Here is the map to the location: It is on the intersection of Highway 61 and County Road B  

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