Commonly Asked Questions

What is “Sidereal Sanctuaries”?

Sidereal Sanctuaries is an immersive, modern urban fantasy larp that utilizes contact-safe rules mechanics.

What is a LARP?

LARP, which is short for “Live Action Role-Play” is a form of interactive gaming. It’s “make-believe” for adults.

What do you mean by “immersive”?

Within LARP, immersion is defined as how much of the gaming experience engages your physical senses.  Rather than verbally describe their character’s appearance, participants are encouraged to dress up as their characters. At times, this may include theatrical make-up or prosthetics (wigs, horns, etc.).  Local games are also encouraged to build a collection of decorations to use at their events.

What is “modern urban fantasy”?

The world of Sidereal Sanctuaries is set in the modern times, using most of our current technology (more on that in the setting details). The fantasy element is that the supernatural stuff also exists. There are vampires, shapeshifters, fairies, mages, and other creatures of myth. Magic is also part of this fictional universe.

What is “contact safe”?

“Contact Safe” is a style of LARPing that allows for combat simulation with minimal actual physical impact.


Who is are the creators?

Sidereal Sanctuaries is the co-creation of Jessica Karels and Jason “Jei” Kobett

Jason Kobett (“Jei” for short) has over 15 years of experience with a variety of live action role-playing games.  He also has 30+ years of experience with historical-fantasy interactive entertainment (aka “Renaissance Festival”).  Jei has experience with building organized, safer geek communities. As a volunteer for CONvergence (a science fiction and fantasy convention) he developed and facilitated a workshop to train their operations team on how to respond to incidents of member harassment.

Jessica Karels has over 15 years of experience in developing and supporting gaming communities. She held a number of global administrative positions in One World By Night (Admissions, Marketing, and Head Coordinator) before founding The Hidden Parlor in late 2015. She uses her code-geek skills to make web applications to streamline the administrative side of networked games. There is no truth to the rumor that she’s really a dragon in human form, even though she has a hoard of shiny things and gamer books.


How can we play?

We anticipate having Alpha tests within the St. Paul – Minneapolis metro area during the summer / fall of 2017. The first official Beta test will happen during Midwinter Gaming Convention 2018 in Milwaukee, WI

Our team is currently looking into potential business models for developing localized games and providing content.

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