Boffer Weapon Safety Requirements

All exposed surfaces on a piece of combat equipment that may contact another player must have a covering of an opaque and durable material, such as cloth or PlastiDip. This rule is in effect for melee weapons and shields.

For purposes of definition: Strike-legal means that the weapon must have at least 1″ of foam padding over the weapon’s core, and should contain a cross section at least 2.5″ in diameter. If a weapon is designed for stabbing only, there must be 6″ of strike-legal surface below and supporting the stabbing tip. The stabbing tip must not compress more than 1.5″ through a 2.5″ ring when uncompressed, and you must not be able to feel the core of the weapon through the stabbing tip.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are broken down into three main categories.

Knives: Knives may be made for stabbing and slashing, may not exceed 18″ total length, and must have at least 10″ of strike-legal surface.

Standard: Standard weapons are meant for stabbing or slashing, fall between 18″ and 36″ in length, and at least 2/3 of the surface must be considered strike-legal for contact. 1/3 of the weapon length may be substituted for heavy padding.

Two-handed: Two-handed weapons are stabbing or slashing weapons, and exceed 48″ in length. Two-handed weapons need to be padded on the upper half of the weapon, or at least 3′, unless they are double-ended, at which point the ends must both be padded down at least 1/3 of the weapon length, or at least 3′, whichever is less.



Shields may not have more than five square feet of surface area (30.28″ diameter for round shields) for purposes of size. A shield may be constructed of any material that has a rigid backing, with a foam skin. Examples of acceptable materials include rigid foam, aluminum, plywood, and high-impact plastics.

On the side facing outward, there must be a foam skin applied to any exposed material that may come in contact with another player. Rigid foam shields do not require additional padding.

Shields must be held in the hand to be considered in play. A support strap may be added to the shield to add additional bracing and support on the forearm.


Bow and Arrows

Rules forthcoming. Not available currently in Alpha Test 1 – Please check back in a later Alpha test.


Spell packets

Spell packets must be spherical, must be at least 2.5″ in diameter, and must have a streamer on it (at least 1″, no more than 6″) corresponding to the elemental type it represents. These items do not have a minimum padding requirement. Spell packets must be labeled with an identifying mark for the

The colors for elemental streamers are Red (Fire), Blue (Water), Brown (Earth), Yellow (Air), White (Light), Black (Dark)



For the Alpha 1 test, we are allowing Nerf-style dart weapons without any modifications. Please restrict yourself to an item that does not fire large or “mega” darts. Due to level of play testing, only pistol type weapons are allowed for this event. Further research is being performed to allow for modifications while maintaining safety standards. Decorating your prop is encouraged, but for safety’s sake, the orange safety tip must remain unchanged on the prop to be considered legal for play. Players are restricted to a maximum of twenty darts. All darts must have the owner’s name on them to designate where they came from, any unmarked darts are not considered legal for play.

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