Hello, folks. Jei here.

I’ve been doing a lot of work the last couple of weeks in codifying the mechanics and getting them ready to move forward.

Just so folks understand the philosophy behind a bit of what I’m doing here, I’ll explain some of my history on this. I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs since I was four years old, just figured out reading really well, and my brother’s tabletop group needed someone to play a fighter. It was like bedtime stories without a) having to go to bed, and b) where I got to contribute to it after. Instantly hooked, but for all the fiddly bits with the sheet. I continued in AD&D for a while, until I started dabbling in other systems, landing in White Wolf when I was about twelve, and got my first real taste of new, different mechanics.

Once I learned that mechanics are not universal, I started to build ideas around why they do what they do, and really got to understand why house rules were such a big thing for people, why I had seen parts of my brother’s group split off because they didn’t like things. That was when I really got that the changes we played with were there to make sure that the story was benefited by the changes we made to streamline things.

I started to build something of a bias towards mechanics that promote the story, and work to minimize time handling the real-world stuff so you can get back to more story. I like to keep things relatively simple, because there’s nothing that slows a game down quite like having so many options that you need to plan ahead for everything all the time (which means that anything unexpected takes absolutely forever) or that you have to think through every option all the time, and slow things down.

I’ve always believed that mechanics should not be pages and pages of book after book. Mechanics need to be streamlined – a philosophy I have applied to Sidereal. For things that face the players, there is relatively little as far as mechanics go. We’ve got things to keep track of, mechanics to represent necessary things, some tricks thrown in for flavor to the Callings, and… that’s about it.

I’ve always believed that mechanics support the story, and if the mechanics being used do not further the story, scrap them in favor of something that does. Simple, easy on the surface – but way harder to put into practice, and entirely worth it to do so, in my mind.

Now, with that all said, expect in the near future to start seeing some more mechanics stuff go forward-facing, and I am pleased to announce that Jess and I have actually started to codify things into book format. Much of the basic explanations of powers, abilities, and the like are in a readable form (provided you can read my unedited prose, that is.)

In the meantime, Remnants, fight on and do good things in the world. We’ll be here, tending the Haven.


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