Hi everyone, Jessica here!

We’re counting down to our next Alpha Test, which is happening in less than a week. Jei and I have been working on content for the upcoming game session.

One of the things that I looked at was changing some bits of the original setting. When I started writing the setting for Sidereal, I wanted to set up the cataclysmic event to happen in 2012, and then set the game in present times.

As I tried to work on the setting, I hit writer’s block pretty hard. Part of the problem was trying to recall what technology was available in 2012 vs 2017. Another issue was trying to figure out what historical events would have changed as a result of the Digital Dark Age. Lastly, one of the themes that I want to examine in the setting is how humanity would have changed (for better or for worse) based on the loss of the Internet. On the “worse” side, I wanted to look at how human rights activism would have been impacted, and subsequently how would culture and social/legal policy have changed without marginalized groups being able to mobilize as they are currently able.

Then the events of the past two months happened. The military ban on trans people. The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. Events and actions that either overtly or covertly targeted the marginalized.

I had difficulty making up a fictional setting where human rights issues backslid and where elements of nationalism started to dominate culture when those things were starting to happen. If these problems were emerging in a world with the Internet, what would have happened in a world were the Internet ceased to exist?
Because of that, I decided to make a setting change (we’re still in the early Alpha stage). Rather than have the loss of the Internet occur in late 2012, the setting now has the downfall of the Internet occur in 2017, with the setting for game-play being 10 years out in the future.

In Sidereal, the time-frame between 2012 and 2017 is an era is called the Digital Twilight. Rather than go into full detail here on what that entails, I’m going to share the write-up that I put together over the past few weeks. As a reminder, this is a draft as we build out our setting and the details may be tweaked as we reach the final and official version.

File Link:
Digital Twilight

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