Hi all,

Jei and I are excited to share our work-in-progress with you. ¬†We’ve gone from the “I wish there was a LARP setting where…” to “we are writing that LARP setting because it NEEDS to exist!”.

Keep in mind that a lot of the stuff that we’re showing you is early concept work. Rather than work completely behind closed doors, we want to pull back the curtain and let you see the creative process in it’s messy, chaotic glory. We have a general sense of what we want to do, and some of the core concepts we want to build/keep. Everything else will change throughout the development process.

We look forward to hosting alpha playtests in the St. Paul – Minneapolis area in mid-late 2017. Our official beta test will happen at Midwinter Gaming Convention 2018 – sign up to see us there and take part in one of our starter scenarios.

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