“At the dawn of awareness, Humanity and Myth lived as one…”

Welcome to the home of Sidreal Sanctuaries, a modern urban fantasy LARP that we are creating.  Over the coming months we will share more about our setting and rules and provide opportunities for you to play-test the system and share feedback.

Get The Book!

SideReal Sanctuaries: Basic Manifestations is available for download through DriveThruRPG.com. This packet includes:

  • Character creation rules
  • Information about the playable Archetypes/Vocares
  • Setting information for the Digital Dark Age
  • Combat & Social resolution rules
  • Guidelines for creating boffer-style weapons and armor for gameplay

This is the setting & system that we will use during our November 2017 and Midwinter 2018 play-tests.

In our setting…

At some point in the final weeks of 2012, technology started to glitch or outright break down at an accelerated rate. While older machines – ones that ran
exclusively on combustion or steam power – were occasionally impacted, electronic equipment was greatly affected. Researchers discovered that humans had started emitting electromagnetic pulses, and that the intensity of those pulses increased when a person was under stress. This anomoly, called “The Pulse Phenomenon” had a stronger impact on those who experienced stress based on physical and safety needs, such as the poor, sick, and marginalized.

A mysterious event occurred on August 21, 2017 that wiped out the Internet and most forms of networked computing and information transfer world-wide.  This event heralded what we are calling the “Digital Dark Age“.  Due to a mixture of political, corporate, and mystical influences, these types of technologies have not been recovered.

The Digital Dark Age caused a major cultural shift. The loss of digital connection caused humanity to become more insular and tribal. Nations, states, cities, and neighborhoods became more focused about issues that were domestic to them, and to those who “looked like them”. Corporations and the elite gained control of the cultural narrative, as the marginalized lost their ability to address larger audiences through social media and other previously accessible tools.

History didn’t tell us the whole truth…

We have been told that creatures like vampires, shapeshifters, fairies, mages don’t exist, or at best, they are myths that were created by our superstitious ancestors.

What we haven’t been told is that in order to gain the ability to create – and thus develop technology and our own Reality – our ancestors made pacts with several cosmic forces. These pacts, called The Covenants, were meant to keep us in check as our power grew. The Covenants included a condition that should Humanity falter, the forces we pacted with would choose individuals to be their champions and fix mankind’s failings.Those chosen are the Remnants of the Covenants (or simply “Remnants“).

Fearful of the implications of humanity finding out that magic truly exists, the Keepers of Reality ensured that future generations were kept ignorant of the Covenants and their origin. Remnants who looked human were remembered, their names and (edited) stories recorded in history. The more mystical Remnants were hunted down and killed, and their stories were turned to myths (if recorded at all).

Outcast Heroes

Your character is a Remnant. The Covenant that you were called to uphold determines your character’s Archetype, which influences your character’s outlook and appearance. In addition, your character has a Vocare which defines their personal capabilities. You must band together with other Remnants (who may be called to uphold different Covenants) in order to find sanctuary and deal with both mundane and mystical problems.


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